Mid Sussex Parliamentary Candidate - Deanna Nicholson

Deanna Nicholson Deanna Nicholson with Caroline

Deanna Nicholson – Mid Sussex PPC nomination statement.

I have experienced first-hand the damage that a “business” approach has to backbone services such as education, and having lived and worked in Mid Sussex for the last 24 years I know the challenges and opportunities this area faces. Housing, school underfunding, access to doctors and NHS dentists, affordable care for the young and the old, traffic congestion, overdevelopment with no thought to basic infrastructure – all of this needs to be urgently addressed. These are not just local issues, but this area has particular extremes of wealth and abject poverty being a London commuter belt area. With little affordable housing we are losing our young people, detrimentally skewing our community dynamics and creating problems for local employers.


With my local knowledge, and having worked closely within the community, I can see how the Green Party manifesto tackles the major areas of concern that are directly affecting people’s lives, whilst also facing head-on the climate crisis we have no option but to address.  People I talk to, especially students, feel helpless in the face of overwhelming problems with society, the economy, and the environment, and there is a definite appetite for a new approach as the old order has clearly failed. The big question we need to ask is why people feel we don’t deserve the opportunities and values the Green Party stands for, and if chosen to stand for Mid Sussex I will be arguing that we do.


As Head of Science at the 6th Form (before it closed) I am used to managing staff in challenging circumstances (the college was being restructured) and prior to teaching I managed a department of software and hardware IT staff. I am also experienced at leading and working collaboratively with voluntary staff through my Girl Guiding experience. I understand the need to listen to and respect the contribution from all members of the team, whilst keeping focused on the task at hand and the constraints being worked within.


Through my professional experience as a teacher I am confident talking to large groups and can sensitively manage discussions. I am also used to explaining and discussing complex ideas in a clear manner despite a busy and distracting environment. As I work with teenagers, to be effective, confrontations and challenges need to be dealt with calmly whilst not giving ground on important points.  As a mathematics and physics teacher I can handle and analyse data quickly and accurately, and can question inaccurate and misleading uses of numbers, highlighting biased assumptions and leading questions. Some of the “uses” of poll statistics are shocking!