Crawley Parliamentary Candidate - Iain Dickson

Iain Dickson 

Iain Dickson – Crawley PPC nomination statement.

I have for most of my adult life campaigned, demonstrated and marched for things which I felt were important in trying to create a socially just and equal society. This included being a Trade Union representative and activist, taking part in anti-racist, anti-Apartheid, supporting GCHQ strikers’ campaigns, amongst others.

In the late 1980’s, I became interested in the Green Party. It showed me that by making the environment central to our society and economy, we could help create an environmentally friendly and in the process, a socially just and equal society and economy and maybe save ourselves and the planet, at the same time.

The Green Party to me represented a happy convergence by enshrining all my political beliefs and ideals. I joined the Green Party in the early 1990’s and have campaigned for the Green Party and the environmental movement ever since.  As such, I have adopted a view of trying to inform and make people aware of the importance of the environment and how the Green Party could bring about the changes needed, partly by campaigning and taking part in local and national elections, but also where possible through example.

I have also helped set up initiatives such as: The Crawley Green Party; and ‘Think Green’ a non-profit making business promoting and selling environmentally friendly goods and foods well before the supermarkets cottoned on to selling and providing organic foods and products.

Also by helping to set up the Crawley Local Exchange & Trading System (LETS) to show people that things can be traded without the need of currency.  With other Crawley Green Party members and friends, I/we organically grew our own food – vegetables and fruits - on three council allotments for a number of years, partly to show people that we do not need to be totally reliant on supermarkets and big business.

As a result, I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge over many years. I like to think that I could say with some confidence that not only can I ‘talk the talk’ but that I have also ‘walked the walk’.

Today, we are facing unprecedented times and challenges ahead. Brexit is one of those challenges, which is as yet unresolved. I believe our Green Party must be vigilant on whatever follows, especially in areas such as: human and work rights, the rise of intolerance, privatisation of the NHS, increased poverty and other social and economic ills.

However, an even greater challenge faces us all – Climate Change. I feel that our Green Party General Election candidate must inform and alert people to the Climate Emergency and offer our ideas to address Climate Change and for a better society and economy.

The range of roles I have held from being a teacher, trade union representative and activist and political campaigner have equipped me with the necessary experience, knowledge, social and communication skills, allied to my background and long association of working and living in Crawley town make me a very good candidate to represent the Green Party in Crawley for the forthcoming General Election.