Horsham District Council
Roffey South by-election 16 December 2021

Ballot Box
Claire Adcock_portrait

Claire Adcock

Claire is a research scientist who works hard to find cures for cancer and is mum to a toddler soon to be 2 years old.

Claire lived in Roffey for years.  She has many connections to the area and cares deeply for the community.

Claire is both an effective independent worker and a great team worker too.

She has a masters degree in chemistry, is a keen wildlife photographer and used to play hockey for Horsham.  Claire is a member of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

With your support, Claire can win here and be a strong independent voice able to speak up for Roffey South.

On 16th December vote Green Party for Claire Adcock.

Claire Adcock Roffey South election address_1
Claire Adcock Roffey South election address_2