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Housing Nightmare – Bewbush Residents Meeting

Housing Nightmare - Bewbush Residents Meeting 12th April

Richard Kail

On 12 April, I organised and publicised a meeting for Bewbush Residents concerned about the loss of many green spaces in and around the neighbourhood.

I cited the possible losses of: Part of Bewbush West Playing Field, Skelmersdale Walk Green Space, what's left of Breezehurst Drive, and the damage caused by Kilnwood Vale, along with the West of Ifield proposed development.

I only expected it to be a small turnout, but as it turns out, many are concerned, and many really wanted to come along to discuss the Bewbush Housing disaster. None other than Henry Smith MP appeared, and Cllr Karen Sudan at very late notice invitation too.

We would have invited other Councillors, but up until the very last minute we didn't really want elected officials along as we mainly aimed for it to be a residents discussion with no added sway or confusion, but at any future meetings, Bewbush Councillors will be invited.

Opposition to the proposed developments, some of which are developable Local Plan sites, and some are advanced stage construction sites, is very strong. Many people will suffer an adverse affect to their quality of life, many will suffer ongoing loss of green spaces for all to relax and for children to play in. This will remove much of what attracted Bewbush Residents to the area in the first place, and may drive more to leave the area they grew up in and called home for generations.

It was agreed and made clear that I would do all I can to represent those at the meeting  and other concerned residents going forward, especially if elected on 6th May.

It's not only down to my politics that I oppose these horribly thought out plans, but as a local resident who has grown up here, has had to deal with ongoing noise, air and water pollution from Kilnwood Vale's various stages of development, I've had to see the loss of land I used to play on as a child, and land that frequently played host to deer, hares, rabbits, and many other species.

I, and clearly many in the area can't bare to see any more loss to land in our home neighbourhood.

Bewbush was built with a fine balance in mind,  between dense council housing and open green spaces.
Many moved here with this in place. Now this and much of what we moved here to enjoy is under threat due to poor council decisions.

I pledge to stand up for Bewbush Residents and my own neighbourhood, in persevering and enhancing our green spaces, increasing local neighbourhood engagement and participation in decisions that will directly affect them.

Richard Kail.

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